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Exploding Refrigerator - Tannerite (multi-angle). We set up a refrigerator with 1.5lb of tannerite for the skit in SHOOT IT: Refrigerator. See the explosion ...My daughter hanging with some friends shooting a microwave full of tannerite

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Shot 1/4-2 Pound Tannerite WARNING!In this video, I'll show you how to shoot 1/4-2 pound Tannerite and how dangerous it can be.#Tannerite is a high explosive...Micheal shoots an explosive Tannerite Target with a Rock River Arms .223 from 100 yards and hits it on his first shot! We bought the target at a local gun s...Ryan Kohler shows off a Tannerite explosion. Tannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive marketed primarily for making exploding targets for firearms p...We blew up an old fridge using 2 lbs. of tannerite, a legal, nonflammable explosive. The entire unit decinigrated. It was a good time!In this video we put @TanneriteSports's explosive in our wine bottle shaped charge and compare it to other explosives.Our thanks to @sportsmansguide for maki...I put Tannerite in a hydraulic press to see if it explodesSee the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3vBYMhsdgsSubscribe to my main channel he...Tannerite Explosive Used Inside Old Rocking Horse - Best legal Exploding Targets For Firearms PracticeTannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive marke...Real quick video of shooting 1/2 lb Tannerite targets. The best way to make adults giggle like kids.The boom was caused by an explosion of about 80 pounds of Tannerite, which police said is an over-the-counter "explosive target" used for firearms practice. ... youtube; View CBS News In.Tannerite explosion backfireSupport GY6vids Content over at http://www.patreon.com/GY6Thanks to all those who already have!-MASSIVE BLAST...Watch as we shoot 250lbs of Exploding Target ...Tannerite is a Binary Explosive.It is trigger by a high velocity bullet and will explode during impact shown in the video.Tannerite is sold in 2 separate com...The minimum recommended shooting distance for the targets is 100 yd. Includes binary exploding targets, catalyst packs, one mixing container and one set of earplugs. Model. Quantity. Total Tannerite Weight. 1/2 lb. Targets. 16. 8 lb. per pack. Note: PAL is required to purchase this product. Limit of 6 Kg (13 lb.) of Tannerite powder.Exploding Refrigerator - Tannerite (multi-angle). We set up a refrigerator with 1.5lb of tannerite for the skit in SHOOT IT: Refrigerator. See the explosion ...Boom boom AR 15 4 lbs of tanneriteAbout Press Copyright Contact us Creators AdvertiHomemade Tannerite explosive target and also call To create an account on YouTube, go to YouTube.com and click on the Sign In button located in the upper right portion of the webpage. Click on the Create Account link on the next p...Click the HQ button for best quality. 3 separate explosions of Tannerite + other items. From one pound to seven pounds at a time. Tannerite is a fully legal ... We wanted to see how durable our TekMat gun clean EGW Exploding .177 Caliber airgun pellets, exclusively made for Edgun West. Experience unparalleled shooting with our high-quality explosive pellets. ... The hollowpoint lead alloy pellet is filled with a unique tannerite-like explosive formula to generate a lethal explosion. 95 (pellets) Pieces per box. Read More... Price: $40.00. Add to Cart.Tannerite's new rimfire targets are perfect for new shooters and experienced shooters alike. They are fun, affordable, safe and help you hone your shooting s... Tannerite target explosive, shot with Bushmaster AR15.

Blowing up a washing machine with one pound of tannerite explosive target. No one even got hurt this time! PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! and feel free to com...Go prairie dog hunting with hunter Mike Crenshaw in Montana on a private land prairie dog town. Slow motion kill shots, digiscope close-ups and and prairie d...this is a 1 lb tannerite explosion set off by a .22/250 rifleWhat happens to 26 pounds of gummy bear when you put Tannerite binary explosive inside its tummy? Fun things, that's what!Buy huge gummy here: https://www.va...

Just shooting some stuff and decided to shoot a 8oz container of off brand tannerite.© 2024 Google LLC. Yes, the cleanup was horrendous. Worth it. Dallas brought his old fridge and his Browning A-Bolt in 300 Win Mag. I brought 8 pounds of Tannerite. Kedrick …this is a 1 lb tannerite explosion set off by a .22/250 rifle…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Small canister of 2 part Tannerite explodi. Possible cause: Just a guy with some explosives acting like a big kid!.

50 pounds of Tannerite exploding at the 2012 Southern Ohio Machine Gun Shoot in Portsmouth, Ohio.Checkout this quick video of the unboxing, mixing, and of course ... shooting of the Tannerite Binary Exploding Targets. This was the Tannerite 10lb Gift Pack - it includes …

This is a video of a AWESOME 20lb Tannerite Explosion!!! MUST WATCH!@ GY6vids: http://www.GY6vids.com@ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GY6vids@ Instagram:...Hidden tannerite explosive in the cushion barrel only 2 shots to blow it up.

Yep, last I checked "Tannerite" and similar binar Check out our social mediasInstagram - @thebucketlistboys -https://www.instagram.com/thebucketlistboys/?hl=en …In our quest to make a bigger and larger explosion, we discovered just how far is too far. Too dangerous. Do not try at home. We woke up the whole county. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise DYouTube has become a global phenomenon, connecting people from all c Single shot from AR-15 using iron sights. ~60 yard shot on 1 pound can of tannerite explosive target with small pumpkin on top of it. In this video we put @TanneriteSports's e The Tannerite binary explosive compound is perfect for long-range firearms practice. Simply load a small container with Tannerite and you'll know immediately when you hit it. Because the two components of Tannerite aren't explosive until mixed, they're fully legal to purchase and ship in the USA (excluding Maryland and Tennessee) without a ... For those interested in knowing exactly how to make tannerite, hereBlowing up tannerite to ignite the burn pile! SuHere we have 3 camera angles of this 2 p It's fun to blow stuff up, but, unsurprisingly, it can come with some risks. For example, it's a bad idea to stand close to an explosives-filled lawn mower a...Tannerite explosion blows a metal burn barrel 100 feet in the air only two pounds of tannerite. Blew up a 250 lb pig with 3pounds of tan Caught the flash and boom of a MASSIVE 150 pound Tannerite explosion about a mile and a half away. Just another day in North Idaho with the BOOM. ROCKED home... After the company’s founding in 2005, YouTube rose quickly thrVery close call with a refrigerator door. Watch this video to learn the simple mixing steps and safety tips for using Tannerite® Brand Exploding Targets.We put 21 quarter pound containers of tannerite in a bucket with a gallon of gasoline next to it...pretty good explosion!